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(CNN) - A woman has filed a $250 million lawsuit against Disney, claiming that mega-hit Frozen is her life story.

Isabella Tanikumi says the animated film took elements from her 2010 autobiography Living My Truth.

Court documents obtained by E! News includes a list of motifs Tanikumi claims were taken from her book like: two sisters, open doors or gates, and a moon setting.

In addition to damages, Tanikumi wants Disney to “cease and desist from any and all sales, distribution and marketing of Frozen in any media format.”

A Disney spokeswoman responded to her claim, saying, “This is beyond ridiculous, she needs to let it go.”

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Madonna, a self-proclaimed non-feminist, has just opened a fucking school for 1200 girls in Pakistan, a year after she pledged to do it.

Do tell me, online feminists, what you lot are doing to further the status of women in this world; women who truly need your…





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And Littlefoot knew for certain that he was alone. 

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Bambi and Lion King immediately tried to distract children from the deaths of the parents. Bambi had the sweet little birds come flying in, and singers coming in to sing about them. Lion King, while they showed Simba running away, Scar ascending the throne, we can’t focus on that TOO much so let’s throw in a wacky, zany song by two new characters who sing about forgetting your worries! No, quick, jingle the shiny keys in the sad child’s face before they get too sad about the dead characters!

But Don Bluth and his team brought a movie that showed actual stages of grief with this little dinosaur and it is powerful to this day. 


this accurately describes my life.